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The Golden Cane Warrior: Resurrection of Martial Arts Genre


By: Tatu Hutami

It is refreshing to see strong heroines in patriarchal societies and Ifa Isfansyah have done this before in “Sang Penari.” Now, he is back with “The Golden Cane Warrior.” This film has simple premise; good versus evil but in the end, the good always win. Do not expect to see emotional dialog in this film (except when Christine Hakim narated the opening). But this is actually what we need; being simple. And who said being simple is easy?

The film stars with Eva Celia, Nicholas Saputra, Reza Rahadian, and Tara Basro, Christine Hakim and others. Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza act as producer and co-producer respectively. The story begin with Cempaka (Christine), a warrior with undefeatable martial arts and its golden cane. Cempaka who is already come to old age decided to inherit her martial arts and golden cane. The conflicts begin when she chose Dara (Eva) instead of Biru (Reza). With deceiful tactic, Biru managed to snatch the golden cane from Dara. To avenged the death of her master, Dara finds a help from Elang (Nicholas). The rest of the story, I will leave for you to discover.

The Golden Cane Warrior perhaps one of the best Indonesian film I seen this year. The fighting scene is far from being dull, boring, or overrated. It is in fact, moves very natural and lightly. The acting delivered by the stars in this film is good. Though sometimes Eva or Tara still delivered the dialog like in old martial arts film;unnatural. One thing i also find quite annoying is the character of Dara. I was hoping our heroine would be like Katniss or Black Widow. Dara seems immature and doesnt think enough. But anyway, maybe it is because Dara is still young and for that reason, she is forgiven.

During the 112 minutes, we also see the beauty scenery of Sumba; yes, it is not only about the acting of the stars, fighting scene but also the beauty of Indonesia. The movement of the camera intensifies how Dara and Elang race with time to defeat the evil.  To sum up, you need to watch this film. Ifa and his team succeed to resurrect the genre from the death.


The Golden Cane Warrior: Resurrection of Martial Arts Genre Reviewed by on December 20, 2014 .

Ifa Isfansyah Ressurected Martial Arts Genre From The Dead With The Golden Cane Warrior. Read The Review Here.



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