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Peranakan refers to the descendants of Chinese merchants, who intermarried with women living along the Malacca Straits back in the 16th century and developed a highly distinctive blend of Malay and regional Chinese cuisine. In Peranakan, the Chinese combined its cooking method with local spices. This result in a cuisine rich in flavor but still easy to eat. Peranakan food is also representing a slow food due to time-consuming preparation. A simple dish of fish require at least 5 hours to prepare.

At Waha Kitchen, you will find a fushion of Peranakan classics with western food. Its award winning head chef, Steven Rinatta, said that Waha Kitchen try to serve Peranakan with a twist. He cooks a modernist take on traditional dish with contemporary culinary techniques. The interior is also detailed with Peranakan style.

Waha Kitchen’s signature dish is duck laksa, nyonya lamb shank vindaloo, nasi goreng nyonya, steamed fish, dan chicken rojak. Duck laksa served in Waha has some uniqueness, including the use of two kinds of noodles, tofu sumedang, eggplant, and string beans. Flavor resulting from the combination of various kinds of food ingredients in the laksa is rich but does not eliminate the taste of each ingredient. Eggplant and vegetables still have texture even when the food is getting cold. The duck is a lil bit salty bit still tasty.

duck laksa 6900

Duck Laksa

Nyonya shank vindaloo is a food with a little guilt. Instead of using coconut milk, Steven uses yogurt as the base of the sauce. He also put a lot of tomato as ingredient, giving it vibrant red color. The meat is tasty and soft. The sauce is amazing.

For nasi goreng, Waha Kitchen is using various side dishes to accompany the dish such as fried chicken, shrimp, egg, crackers, pickles, chili, and chicken satay. The most stand out side dish the satay. It has yellow sauce and the taste is fresh and tangy. Thus, you cannot compare what they serve with what you usually eat. Waha Kitchen also only using the freshest ingredient.

nasi goreng 6400

Waha Kitchen’s steamed fish is also a food that you should taste. Cook for hours, the fish still has texture. It has strong lemongrass and lemon’s fragrant. While Rojak chicken is a meal fit for those who crave for salty and sour taste.


ayam rojak 2 9600

Ayam Rojak

Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim No.127, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10240, Indonesia
+62 21 31936868


Tatu Hutami

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Peranakan Membawa Cita Rasa Baru Dalam Masakan Nusantara & Hal Inilah Yang Menginspirasi Waha Kitchen Untuk Bereksplorasi Mengolah Masakan Peranakan.



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