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More Than Just Being Ethnic

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Affordable with high quality, that’s Aulia Rusdi’s principle when creating Lungsin. This principle may be due to many opinions that with good price comes great quality. “I love shopping, I usually like to wait for the sale season to be able to get a certain item. When I was in Indonesia, many labels sell their goods at slightly expensive price. However, the quality of the product somehow is not good.”

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Lungsin was founded in 2012 and her mother involvement in Cita Tenun Indonesian might be the trigger. Lungsin focused on accessories line that use weaving as the main ingredient. Lungsin itself has a meaning as a weft yarn arranged in parallel. With her mother’s influence, Lia eventually fall in love with weft. “I used to know that Indonesian’s garment only Batik and because I have Sumatera descent, songket. In Cita Tenun Indonesia, I got a chance to know others Indonesian fabrics like Ulos, sarong from Timor, and others. It turned out that we have so many kinds of garment unexplored and with that in mind, I began to make a pouch or small bag. It kinda surprised to know that people like what I created, “said the mother of two children.

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The first accesory Lia created is bra bag for traveling. Initially, her design use a lot of dark and natural colors. Lia herself find it a lil bit difficult to put neon colors into the design. However, gradually due to demand of many customers, she began to incorporate other colors in the design. Speaking of the materials, Lia said that she had no trouble finding materials in Indonesia. She also stressed that although affordable, Lungsin is made with a degree of professionalism. “The garment is always taken from Cita Tenun Indonesia. For the leather, I order from Garut and other places in West Java. The only thing that is not produced in Indonesia is ornate cover bag that still not manufactured in Indonesia. Usually designers set to 300 profit margin. However, for me, I rather get little profit but a lot of people buy it than get a huge profit but only certain people buy it.” To reduce the cost of production, Lia prefer to display and sell her products through consignment store such as Lafayette Galleries and exhibitions.

When asked what kind of trademark Lungsin want to show in design industry, Lia said that it would be to embody modern contemporary. Lia itself chose modern contemporary so Lungsin approachable to many people regardless of age, class, or wealth. “If it were too ethnic, it marketed only for a certain segment. And beside, a lot of designers have taken the path. I prefer weft is applied to other forms .” In the future, Lia wants to explore more especially in Indonesian’s garment. She also wants to expand Lungsin by producing stationery or table. Lungsin can be purchased around IDR 200.000,- to IDR 2.000.000,-

Text: Tatu Hutami

Photos courtesy of Tatu Hutami & Kahfie Kamaru

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We interview Aulia Rusdi, the designer behind Lungsin, a new line accessories which use weft as its trademark.



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