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How to Make Healthier Instant Noodle


Instant noodles is a food that is favored by many people both young and old. Arguably noodles quickly in the presentation, it was tasty, at an affordable price. However, eating instant noodles is not worth the price to be paid health. According to Executive Chef Artotel Jakarta, Faizal Irvan, you can still eat instant noodles with a little guilt by making it healthier.

Make instant noodles a bit more healthy so lies in the cooking process and the replacement of some seasoning. Instant noodles need to be boiled at least 2x to eliminate preservatives. So instant noodles boiled water should not be used again because therein lies unhealthy substances.


put noodles into boiling water

Boil noodles twice before served


drain the noodles and throw away the water

Throw out the first stew and boiled for second time

Try to use a new cooking water to be used. Next to the cooking water, add 2 cloves under which it has dikeprek. Garlic contains many antioxidants that inhibit cancer cells. In addition, garlic also will add a sense of instant noodles. For who can not stand the smell of onions, do not worry about the smell because usually if it is boiled onion smell will be softer. Oil of instant noodles can be replaced with olive oil or sesame oil. With these methods, eating instant noodles become healthier.

chop or smash garlic and put the garlic into the pot

Add garlic cut into pieces

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Instant Noodles Known For Being Affordable, Easy, And Delicious Meal. However, From The Health Perspective, Eating Instant Noodles Can Bring More Harm Than Good. Worries Not Because We Got The Solution



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